My transition from my beloved barge to my potato chip....
I learned to foil this past February 2019 on the most perfect set up. I thought at the time I would
stay on that gear forever.
After putting in many hours and days on this set up I was introduced to Kainani Drexler
Instructional Videos thru a mutual friend who was also learning to foil. She said you have to
watch these videos of this little girl who teaches. I watched these training videos (Foil Free Style
with Kainani Drexler) in awe as this young very talented absolutely adorable girl made it look so
dang easy. I thought then and there I wanted to be just like her when I grew up as a foiler!! So I
stopped the video and took screen shots of what board she rode. I just loved the look of it and
couldn’t believe you could actually ride something so small, and the kite she flew was so playful
and easy looking. I took notes of that too.
So I looked the company up on the web and found “Kanaha Shapes” and connected with the
owner, Horacio Martinez, who took the time to answer all my questions and concerns. This in
itself was amazing, that he cared enough and took the time to talk to just anyone that reached
out like me.
I was about to travel to BVI in April 2019 to kite and I did not want to travel with my “barge” the
name I affectionately gave my first board. So I ordered my new board and wing and off I went.
Unfortunately BVI was not a good place for me to transition to the new “potato chip” board due
to proximity of coral reef underfoot and my lack of confidence. Instead my learning to ride this
piece of magic began here in Hood River this summer 2019.
Once I learned how to deal with the buoyancy of the board and how to get up strapless and stay
up on it, that’s when the magic began. I love how the board just sits on its side and I act like a
little floating Gecko as I attach my feet to the board using just friction, pressure from the wing
below and the kite. It was so straightforward really, I immediately realized that we do not need all
that board after all once you’re up and riding. Horacio also talked me into the smaller of the two
popular sizes (37”vs 42”) after hearing all of my concerns. He told me so many people start with
the 42” and then wish for the 37” instead. He assured me you could touch down and ride this
37” no problem and he was right. I could not believe you could actually taxi with this board!!!
So now I just pretend that I am a student of Kianani and try to mimic how she rides....I try to stay
really relaxed and have fun as I’m learning the flying foot switch!!
On the days that I get the size of my kite just right and the wind is smooth I’m out on the water
giggling .....I’m actually saying out loud to myself and anyone that could hear me...”I just love this
board”. “This is soo much fun” “How did I get so lucky?” The combination of the board, the foil
and the way the Cloud kites work together I feel like I’m gliding in heaven!!! Thank you Horacio
for such a beautiful, fun, light and maneuverable board to fly on!!!
Love, Laughter and Lift.....Kari
Hood River

The Maderita arrived, and it just perfect!!!

Surfed and skateboard since I was a kid and sometimes you just touch a board without riding it and I know it is perfect. I know this will be one of those special ones for me.

Thank you so very much for the love, you though and though from the board bag fit and finish, to the cap I m wearing as I write this, down to the beautifull logo sticker you sent and lanyard.

I m a surgeon and a medical instrument designer.

I know a craftsman when I see it!

Andrew Brooks  Beverly Hills, CA

Only the best things to say about my new 37"

KanahaShapes board took a few sessions to get the hang of getting up strapless on a much smaller board. But now that I m up and riding, will never go back to my clunky big board. I recommend the 37" board no doubt. I'm 160 lbs, and have no issue getting up on the 37"

it"s buttery smooth and is much easier to stay up on the foil atlow speeds, as the Kanaha Shapes board is so much lighter.

Highly recommended to anyone considering purchasing.

Great service from Horati as well

Benjamin Anderson  New York, NY

I m very happy & stoked, to have discover the Kanaha Shapes board.

After a surgery on my ankle, I began foiling strapless.. and thanks to Horacio's creation.

It has allowed me to improve my foiling skills.

Amazingly it is super light, strong, cool design and very maneuverable.

I m very gratefull to be riding a Kanaha Shape Mucho Macho board!..

A few more of my friends in Miami beach are also riding Kanaha Shapes boards,

Love it ! gracias !!!

 Ricky Miami, FL

Hello Horati

I m foiling on the lakes of cordoba Argentina. The board works perfect, beautiful..

I m very happy.

my previous board felt like a train following me after falling

Small size don't matter because it is lighter and very responsive

I have it always with me waiting for eolo to show up

Quality Quality and Quality 

this board with a cloud is a lethal combo, keep up the good work

Pablo Martinat, Cordoba Argentina