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Mucho Macho

The Mucho Macho 37" is the perfect weapon for an Intermediate / Advanced  rider alike

This board is super light and stiff, with a rocker that allows you to touch down and recover from it like nothing else you ever try it

You will get an instant feedback from the foil back to you with minimum input

Board Qualities:

No swing weight

Light & Agile

Faster learning curve

Predictable stand position

Grippy pads

Many colors

All Carbon

Taxi OK

Leash plug

Double foil position

Unmatched Quality

Name tag

It fits all foils

This is literary the last board you ever need

ALL OUR BOARDS ARE MADE OF DOUBLE CARBON FIBER CONSTRUCTION  The Mucho Macho will work for you and you will improve your riding skills faster, It will do Whatever you asking for. 

All our boards comes standard with our own made in house inserts and our exclusive 8 holes Configuration that will allow you to fit all the mayor brands like Lift, MFC, Moses, LF, Alpine, Levitaz, etc..

It comes with our new exclusive PI.SA.TE pads (Piel De Sapo Texture).Our pads feels confy and Grippy

And just like the rest of our boards, it comes RTF Ready To Foil That means that once you open the Box the only thing you need is a foil and some wind, the rest live it up to us

Include in the package; 4) flat screws 5/16 Stainless Steel

4) Buttom Head 5/16 Stainless Steel

1) 5mm Allen key 

1) Universal Rubber washer

The Magic, Is not included, is up to you !

KS Team

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