This board is more for a Intermedio Beginner rider However it is a super agile board that is fun for everybody.

With a very forgiving rocker it will make you grow into the more radical manouvers in no time.

All our boards comes standard with our own made in house inserts and our exclusive 8 holes configuration that will allow you to fit all the mayor brands 1 position 140 x 90mm and 2 positions of 165 x 90mm

will fit Lift, MFC, Moses, LF, Alpine, Levitaz, etc..

It comes with our new exclusive PI.SA.TE pads (Piel De Sapo Texture).Our pads feels confy and conected to the foil



Mari Macho 42"

  • All of our boards are made of the best materials available to deliver the best quality possible

    Our exclusive inserts are design in house, made of 316 Stainless Steel with a passive treatment and tested on a chamber to prevent rust of any kind

    Our pads are design in house with the perfect amount of grip  with  minimalist design

    We use water transfer logo on all our designs

    We paint our boards with polyuretane paint, one of the best of the marketur Our productss are fabricated with attention to detail on every single stage of the process

    We never cut corners in our products to ensure a flawless product, our boards are made of double wrap carbon fiber and MUCHA MAGIA

    Our focus is the quality not quantity

    We designed tested and deliver our boards from  rider to rider.


                                                                               Mahalo and Enjoy it!

                                                                                       Horati KS